Pears from Moldova are rightly considered a continual source of essential vitamins and nutrients, which you can easily integrate into your daily diet. Nutritionists recommend consuming these fruits, as they contain 80% water, fibre, free organic acids, potassium, iron, and vitamin C. 

In addition, these fruits have the merit of improving eye health, as well as reproductive health, with a sedative and healing effect.

The varieties of pears from Moldova are of a high quality and possess nutritional qualities which are extremely important for anyone’s health.

Noyaberskaya (Xenia)

The company Fruit Agro produces and harvests the variety Noyaberskaya (Xenia).

livada de pere moldova

The technical characteristics of this pear variety are:

  • The shape and weight of the fruit

Piriform – spherical, large, weighing about 226-567 grams, with a diameter of 76-89 millimeters

  • The pulp of the fruit

White, juicy, firm - crunchy

  • Fruit colour

Green (upon long-term storage may turn yellowish)

  • The taste

Sweet, fragrant, and balanced

  • Harvest period

End of October – November

  • Type of packaging

Wooden or cardboard boxes

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Fruit Agro is a family business that does everything from the heart. We, being an agricultural company from Moldova, offer you the highest quality fruits and cereals, harvested directly from the field, ripe, healthy and rich in vitamins.

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